BCS Administration

Shaun Harrington, BCS President
Shaun Harrington became the BCS President in July, 2015. He can be reached at 406.252.0997.

Rita Brown, BCS Business Manager
Rita Brown became the BCS Business Manager in May, 2014. She can be reached at 406.252.0997.

Jen Bodine, BCS Business Office

Leah Gibson, BCS Business Office

Phyllis Hochmuth, BCS Administrative Assistant
Phyllis Hochmuth is the Administrative Assistant to the President of Billings Catholic Schools. Her career has included six and a half years in bookkeeping and ten years as a 911 Dispatcher and in law enforcement. Phyllis has lived in Billings for several years. Phyllis can be reached by calling 406.252.0997.

Timothy Lowe, Director of Education and Curriculum

Timothy Lowe is the Director of Education and Curriculum for Billings Catholic Schools. Prior to working at BCS, he taught science and mathematics in Catholic schools for a number of years, and was a member of the Seattle Pacific University Teachers Advisory Group and the University of Washington Physics Education Group. Tim earned his MS in physics at the University of Washington with research in physics education, and prior to that studied physics and mathematics as an undergraduate. He is married and has one girl and one boy, both in the BCS system. Tim can be reached at 406.252.0997.

Don Larson, BCS Director of Information Services


Don Larson has worked as a computer tech since 1995. For seven of those years he worked on contract for Billings Catholic Schools. Don holds several technical certifications, and he serves on the BCS Technology Committee. Don looks forward to his role in empowering teachers to use and teach technology in the classroom, thereby enhancing learning opportunities for BCS students and ensuring that they meet and exceed their educational goals. Don can be reached by calling 406.252.0997.

Anna York, Assistant Director of Information Services

Kathleen Harris, BCS Director of Marketing

Kathleen Harris has been the Director of Marketing for Billings Catholic Schools since 2010. Prior to becoming marketing director, Ms. Harris was employed by Billings Catholic Schools in library media and website administration. She graduated from MSU-Bozeman in 1991 with a BA degree in English, and has two children, both alumni of BCCHS. Ms. Harris can be reached at 406.867.8043.